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Welcome new doctoral graduate student Ricardo Cordova!

Congratulations to Rebecca Miles for receiving an Honorable Mention for her poster entitled "The Integrated Stress Response and Cutaneous Wound Healing" at the 2018 Biochemistry Research Day


  Student Presentations and Posters



Gordon Research Conference Contemporary Advances and Challenges in Drug Safety Assessment  June 2018

-Parth Amin  "Transcription Factors CHOP and NFkB regulate gene networks in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis"

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting on Translational Control Sept 2018:

- Kenny Carlson "Biochemical Characterization of the eIF2 kinase GCN2"

IU School of Medicine Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Day Oct 2018:

-Rebecca Miles, Parth Amin, Jagannath Misra, Dan Spandau and Ronald Wek  "The Integrated Stress Response Facilitates Cutaneous Wound Healing


Society for Investigate Dermatology (SID) Annual Meeting 2019:

- Rebecca Miles, Parth Amin, Jagannath Misra, Dan Spandau and Ronald Wek  "The Intergrated Stress Response Facilitates Cutaneous Wound Healing"


Grand Rounds, Eli Lilly Research Laboratories.  August 24, 2016.

Jeff Willy “Role of the Unfolded Protein Response during the Pathogenesis of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis.” 

Society for Investigate Dermatology (SID) Annual Meeting 2016

Annie Collier - Collier, A., Spandau, D., Wek, R. Concurrent Minisymposia on Epidermal Structure & Barrier Function, Scottsdale, AZ, May 12, 2016. “Preferential translation is required for proper keratinocyte differentiation.”

Gordon Research Seminar on Autophagy.  March 20, 2016.

Jeff Willy “Identification of Novel UPR Member IBTKα: Linking Autophagosome Formation and Secretion to the Pathogenesis of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.” 


Jeff Willy “How ER Stress Drives the Pathogensis of Liver Disease: Linking Cell Death to Autophagy and Inflammation.” Valparaiso University. February 5, 2016.



Graduate Students

Ricardo Cordova 2019-present

Parth Amin 2017-present

Kenneth Carlson 2017-present

Riaz Alam 2017-present

(LGRAD - Lilly Graduate Research Advance Degree) Eli Lilly

Rebecca Miles 2017-present

(LGRAD - Lilly Graduate Research Advance Degree) Eli Lilly

Dr Annie Collier PhD 2017, Stanford Postdoc (joint student - Dr Dan Spandau)

Dr Jeff Willy PhD 2016

(LGRAD - Lilly Graduate Research Advance Degree) Eli Lilly 

Dr Mike Fusakio PhD 2016 , Beckman Coulter

Mohammed Alzahrani MS 2016

Dr Sara Young PhD 2016, NIH postdoc

Dr Tom Baird PhD 2015, NIH postdoc

Dr Brian Teske PhD 2012, Eli Lilly

Dr Souvik Dey PhD 2012, U Penn. postdoc

Dr Reddy Palam PhD 2012,

Dr Donghui Zhou PhD 2010, 

Dr Kirk Staske PhD 2010, Eli Lilly

Dr Ke Zhan PhD 2003

Dr Kun Ma PhD 2002

Dr Ruchira Sood PhD 2000

Dr Ruojing Yang PhD 2000

Dr Shuhao Zhu PhD 1997

Weijin Qian MS 1996


Post doctoral Fellows

Dr Jagannath Misra 2017-present

Dr Leo Augusto 2016-present (joint with Dr. Bill Sullivan)

Dr Michael Holmes 2015-present (joint with Dr. Bill Sullivan)

Dr Imaan Benmerzouga 2013-2015 (joint with Dr. Bill Sullivan)

Dr Christian Konrad 2009-2013 (joint with Dr. Bill Sullivan)

Dr Hongzhen He 2008-2012 (joint with Dr. Millie Georgiadis)

Dr Brad Joyce 2007-2013 (joint with Dr. Bill Sullivan)

Dr Hao-Yuan Jiang 2002-2004

Dr Karen Gregson 2001

Dr Amy Porter 1998-1999

Dr Jana Narasimhan 1998-2006

Dr Krishna Vattem 1998-2004

Dr Alexander Sobolev 1992-1993