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Multiple mechanisms activate GCN2 eIF2 kinase in response to diverse stress conditions 

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mRNA cap-binding protein eIF4E1 is a novel regulator of Toxoplasma gondiilatency.

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GCN2 is required to maintain core body temperature in mice during acute cold

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NMP4, an Arbitrer of Bone Cell Secretory Capacity and Regulator of Skeletal Response to PTH Therapy

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Insulin secretion deficits in a Prader-Willi syndrome b-cell model are associated with a concerted downregulation of multiple endoplasmic reticulum chaperones

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Activation of GCN2 by small molecules designed to be inhibitors

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An RNA stem-loop function in conjunction with an upstream open reading frame to direct preferential translation in the integrated stress response

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Aminoacylation-defective bi-allele mutations in human EPRS1 associated with psychomotor development delay, epilepsy and deafness

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Asparagine bioavailability regulates the translation of MYC oncogene
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GCN2 eIF2 kinase promotes prostate cancer by maintaining amino acid homeostasis
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Activation and execution of the hepatic integrated stress response by dietary essential amino acid deprivation is amino acid specific.

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Structural and genome-wide analyses suggest that transposon-derived protein SETMAR alters transcription and splicing.
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Nmp4, a Regulator of Induced Osteoanabolism, Also Influences Insulin Secretion and Sensitivity.
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Analysis of Translational Control in the Integrated Stress Response by Polysome Profiling.
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NMP4,a Regulator of Induced Osteoanabolis also influences insulin secretion and sensitivity

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The eIF2 kinase GCN2 directs keratinocyte collective cell migration during wound healing via coordination of reactive oxygen species and amino acids.

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TgIF2-B is an eIF2 kinase in Toxoplasma gondii that responds to oxidative stress and optimizes pathogenicity.

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Time-resolved analysis of amino acid stress identifies eIF2 phosphorylation as necessary to inhibit mTORC1 activity in liver.

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